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Tips in Choosing The Perfect Dog Crate Size


A Dog crate is an essential tool in taking care of your dog as it can be used for plenty of things - from house breaking, to travelling or even  disciplining or training your dog. There's little to no doubt that the appearance of a dog in a crate may not sit well for some people out there but if you look back into how dogs or animals like it act in the wilderness, you'll surely realize that the kind of environment provided by a crate, would make them feel safer, more secured and more comfortable.


In purchasing a dog crate, it is essential that the dog crate size is only appropriate or perfect for the size of the dog, to ensure that it will work at its best when your dog resides in it. You would certainly want nothing short of the best for your precious pet and companion and for that, you'll surely need the tips in this page which will make it easier for you to determine the proper dog crate size at to go for.


This page will let you know more about some important tips to guide you in purchasing the most appropriate dog crate size but, it would surely be more helpful, if you can also read other sources that will tell you some tips that may be about breeds and alike. It is evident that the first step is to actually know the size of your dog by measuring him or her. The first point of action is for you to find out your dog's length and the process is simple - you just need to take the measurement tape and take the measurements from their nose to their tail while  taking into account whether the dog's tail is hard or soft so you can avoid getting the wrong length. The next thing you have to get is t he height, and this is something that you should get when your dog is sitting since it is the length from the ground up to the topmost part of your dog's head. Make sure that when you make the measurement, provide a room for comfort that's about 2 to 4 inches for both length and height.


Instead of 2 to 4 inches, it is also recommended to add 10% instead, for a proportional addition to the size of the crate. For people who may want to find out more techniques for getting the size for dog crates at, there are also plenty of guides online that may provide you with substantial and satisfactory help. If you want, you can also visit some pet shop or even a veterinary to ask for suggestions.


Make sure that when buying your dog a crate, the dog crate size is incredibly vital because going for a crate that is too large, may end up ruining the entire thing. If they can even move comfortably in a big dog crate, they can even treat a side of it as a rest room, which is something that you certainly would want to avoid. Watch this video about dog crate.